Cottages "Le petit nid" and "Le Cocon

in Couthuin, in Wallonia

in the commune of Heron, Huy region


In Couthuin itself you will find many castles, beautiful farms, interesting religious buildings, a few shops, two playgrounds and a swimming pool.

Two districts are particularly remarkable for their architecture: the Envoz district and the Marsinne district. They are worth a visit. 

I invite you to consult the following pages to discover the castles and other buildings.


1  The castle "de Potesta" 









2  The castle Envoz











3 The white castle




4  The castle "La Vignette"







5   The castle and the brewery of Marsinne 


The brewery of Marsinne






1 The farm Carmont











2 The farm  "Le Blocus"










3  The farm of the tower








4 The farm of the castle of Envoz







5  The farm of the chapel








6 The cruise farm

The religious buildings 

1    The chapel Sint Peter of Envoz


2    The chapel  'Vî Bon D'Ju d'Giblou"













3   The church of the nativity and the presbytery        











4 The church Surlemez 




1        Playground 1











2          Playground 2















3          Heated swimmingpool (32°) ASBL "Au fil de l'eau"